The employees are the strongest asset of any organization; Crossdomain values its team. To ensure that the client expectations are met and exceeded, Crossdomain picks precious talent from the market and entrenches the organizational culture in them.


• Exdion was established
• A satellite centre at Shimoga was established
• Became the Centre of Excellence for America's
  third largest Insurance service provider.
• Team size stands at 750


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Crossdomain creates an environment that is harmonious and versatile allowing every employee to express their creative spirits, thereby enabling their growth.

Regular, creative, fun-based activities are planned to give the workplace an injection of freshness, dynamism and vitality that also promotes creativity and employee bonding, leading to increased efficiency.

1. Fun Fridayz : Crossdomain encourages and nurtures relationship building within the employees which sketches an amicable and fun-filled environment to work. Weekly activities, such as games and entertainment shows are organized to energize the employees and unleash the latent talent in them.

2. Z-Cube : Z-Cube is a quarterly activity which typically involves an offsite team outing. This event fosters team spirit and engages employee to interact with their team members outside the office.

3. Spectrum : Spectrum is a quarterly event, which provides a forum to the management and employees to interact with each other. Various outstanding performers are also recognized and are awarded for their contribution. This event also serves as a medium to introduce new members of the Crossdomain's ever growing team.

4. X-ite : X-ite is Crossdomain's star event. It is held annually and the whole organization participates in it. It also celebrates recognized talents in the company. It is packed with fun-filled events engaging everyone and encourages overall participation.

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